This collection is the result of both my desire to knit my own designs without the restrictions of conventional publication and my drive to create a product that expresses my opinions about knitting as craft.

Having held a wide variety of jobs, I have developed a great respect for skill and work itself. I appreciate knitting as a skilled trade like carpentry, tailoring, or baking, and my designs reflect the connection between the skilled worker and the product of such work. I like to think of my designs as garments that workers would wear in their daily routines—regular people in outfits that happen to include a fabulous sweater or hat.

All aspects of this book were conceived and executed by Team Weaver, centered around my husband, parents, and sister, and expanding rapidly to include editors, sample knitters, photographers, and friends.

Best wishes for all your labors, knitting and otherwise,

Ann Weaver

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the print book and the eBook?

All the content in the print book is also in the eBook.  However, the layout of the eBook has been simplified so that each individual pattern prints out in an easy-to-read format on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper.

Why purchase both?

The print version of the book is beautifully designed and filled with high-quality photographs and graphics. The foundation of Craft Work Knit is the creation of well-made objects. Some of this quality has necessarily been sacrificed to create files that can be easily downloaded and printed. However, owning digital copies of the patterns allows you to print out a working copy that you can carry with you and mark up while you knit without harming your book.