Volume I


In response to a call for submissions based on books, I designed the sweater “Ambergris,” inspired by a chapter in my favorite novel, Moby-Dick. Once I opened the novel, I reread chapter after chapter, looking for images I remembered from past readings. Soon I had a list of chapter titles and quotes from each chapter, and began to imagine how I could embody each of these chapters in a knitting design.

I needed a book. Perhaps I needed a series of books.

I mentioned the idea to a few friends, who not only encouraged me, but also told me about other artists working on Moby-Dick-based undertakings. After reading every word of his blog, One Drawing for Every Page of Moby-Dick, I summoned the nerve to ask illustrator Matt Kish for the right to use some of his drawings in my book, and he graciously agreed. Matt’s illustrations aligned with my aesthetic, and further inspired the designs and content of the book. I knit up the designs I imagined. Here are the first of them.

This project would not be possible without the support of my family. Special thanks go out to my patient, thoughtful husband, Chris; my stunning, gifted sister, Beth; and my parents, who believe in me no matter how weird it gets.

Volume II

In the year since the publication of White Whale Vol. I, I have been thinking, planning, knitting, and writing the projects for the second book in my series of knitting patterns inspired by Moby–Dick. I have indeed been expandingly lifted, not only by my subject but also by the talented dyers who created the yarns in this collection, Matt Kish’s illustrations and blog, and all the knitters who have embraced this undertaking.

This book would not have been possible without my sister, Beth, who transforms my patterns and ideas into the book you are holding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the print book and the eBook?

All the pattern content in the print book is also in the eBook. However, Matt Kish’s illustrations have been removed from the pdf version of the book.

Why purchase both?

The print version of the book is beautifully designed and filled with high-quality photographs, graphics, and full-page illustrations by Matt Kish (everypageofmobydick.blogspot.com). The foundation of my work is the creation of well-made objects. Some of this quality has necessarily been sacrificed to create files that can be easily downloaded and printed. However, owning digital copies of the patterns allows you to print out a working copy that you can carry with you and mark up while you knit without harming your book.